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Our mission

Our mission is to enrich the educational and developmental opportunities for the Ooltewah-Harrison elementary public school students by implementing and uniting fundraising efforts.

Founded on April 24, 2014, District 9 “D9” Ooltewah Harrison Education Fund has been committed to providing all the elementary schools within the district with enough funding to meet all of their needs. Currently, the D9 elementary schools do not get enough funding and need support for acquiring more computers and technology, teachers, playground equipment, and much more. The sole mission of D9 is provide financial assistance to ensure the best education and development opportunities for all of the elementary schools in district nine by implementing and uniting fundraising efforts. Current membership includes the following elementary schools: Harrison Elementary School, Ooltewah Elementary School, Snow Hill Elementary, Wallace A. Smith Elementary School, and Wolftever Creek Elementary School. D9 depends on grants, fundraisers, local sponsorships, community memberships, and donations to secure the funding necessary to create the reality of an enhanced educational opportunity for our youth. 100% of all funds raised go directly to the schools and are used to fulfill any of the needs they may have. The D9 fundraisers are meant to be traditions for the community meant as an opportunity for families to create fun memories in the district while supporting its growth. Currently, D9 hosts 3 major community fundraising events, the Hot Cocoa 5k, the Tastes of Ooltewah and Harrison, and, this year, The New Year’s Eve Gala. All of these events have been used to generate funds for schools and connect community members with local businesses. Over the past year, we have gained 15 corporate sponsors including Little Debbie, Pizza Hut, Tech Town, and Publix.

D9 Board of Directors collaborates closely with elected officials, the Ooltewah/Collegedale Chamber of Commerce Council, community leaders, and both large and small Ooltewah and Harrison businesses to spread awareness and unify efforts for improving public education.

The benefits derived from D9’s existence will be remarkable for our community from many facets! In creating this sound and solid support for our local Ooltewah-Harrison schools, D9 anticipates potential businesses to look upon the area as an ideal location to open new stores or start new companies. With that said, D9 hopes to not underestimate the potential of businesses relocating to our area for similar reasons. As this panel knows, the outlook and reviews of local schools is always a determining factor for economic growth and development. With that said, D9 desires to create this attractive common denominator within its district by offering the best public education available in this area. The ripple effect of D9 foregoes any other: job creation, sound education options, and a prosperous community. The win/win benefits everyone and with that D9 supports call to “Eat, Shop, Live and Educate in Ooltewah/Harrison”.

District 9 Schools

Harrison Elementary


Ooltewah Elementary


Snow Hill Elementary


Wallace A. Smith Elementary


Wolftever Creek Elementary